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[Raid][NA] W7 CM and Achievement Recruitment


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About the Group:

Our static raid group is returning from a short hiatus to begin progression on W7 normal mode clears, CMs, and achievements. In the past, members of the group have cleared the CMs and achievements for the previous six raid wings and have the skillset and mindset to succeed in W7. We're currently looking to recruit two players to round out the group, replacing previous members who have chosen not to return for W7's release.

General Info:

  • Our current raid times are Monday and Sunday from 8:30PM to 11PM EST. During progression, we also potentially raid Tuesdays from 8:30PM to 11PM EST.
  • We have a Discord server for raid communication.
  • Raid videos can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/user/MBIHgaming to see if our environment is a good fit for you.



  • Have at least three classes you feel comfortable raiding with; one of these should be a support role (Chrono, Druid, etc). Be proficient with performing with those classes in the current raid meta with appropriate gear for the role.
  • Gear and practice additional roles to prepare for future content and balance changes. In the event that a class is exceptional for a strategy on a particular CM encounter, we'd expect you to make efforts to gear/practice that character as required.


  • Ideally have kill-experience with all current raid content. Demonstrable experience with other top end game content from GW2 (T4 fractals, PvP, gold adventures, etc.) or raid experience from other games (WoW, FF14, Wildstar, etc) is a plus. Challenge mode kills from previous wings or fractals are also beneficial.
  • Have a working mic and value communicating over Discord; this is partially for strategizing during encounters, but we also have a fun time chatting during our raids and we’d like you to be able to have fun with us.


  • Be looking to make fun, lasting relationships; our group has played with each other for a while and we enjoy playing other content and chatting together. Your motivations and social fit are as important as your raid competency.
  • Always strive to play your best, but also understand that mistakes are learning opportunities. We discuss our mistakes professionally, and then we play better and win. We hope you can identify when you are struggling and can communicate and make quick adjustments to improve.

Contact Us:

If you’re interested in applying to this static raid group or have any questions you can message Villain.1056 in-game; if I’m not online, feel free to leave me a message using the mail system and we’ll arrange a time to talk.

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