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Feature Request: Improve 32:9 Support by exposing Triple screen support

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Recently i upgraded my triple screen setup to a single 32:9 monitor. GW2 has always had really nice support for triple screens and it would center (most of) the hud nicely on the center monitor as can be seen here: 6ZCVq0t.jpg

On a single 32:9 monitor this functionality is obviously missing, which causes the important HUD elements to be on the outer edges of my periphial vision:xyQXiXg.jpg

This makes the game, and pvp in particular, rather hard to play and enjoy.

Is it possible to expose the triple screen implementation to the end-user? That way super ultrawide and 4k users can restrict the UI to fit their needs without spending much development time. With the cheatengine incident fresh in my memory I'd favor an official solution over having to hook into GW2 in questionable ways and risk my account.

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