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Orr should get a treatment similar to the vabbi metas

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I now play the vabbi metals much more often thanks to a fixed timer and the offering of a hero's chest. I stumbled about a comment on reddit that suggest something similar for Orr.

!! Orr events should get fixed start times.!! They do not have a progress bar players can use to join each other in the meta-events.! And there's not much encouragement to do random events while waiting. Orr doesn't have some shared map currency to get rewards from vendors, they just use karma and map bonus rewards. It can be hard to see when events are ready, and take a long time until the temples finally reset.! This makes players feeling like they are just waiting around and wasting time.!! If they did reset at fixed timers, players would get to experience the temple events from the start more often.!! It could be something like this:!! Balthazar's Temple: 00:00! Lyssa's Temple: 01:00! Dwayna's Temple: 01:30! Melandru's Temple: 02:00! Grenth's Temple: 02:30! Gates of Arah: 03:00! Then they would reset again every 3 hours.! I'd be even better if they were reworked to be more like fun maps like Hot, Istan and Dragonfall.!! Straits of Devastation:! All 3 lanes would start periodically on their own times.! The pact forces would accumulate as they reach the center with a progress bar.! When enough forces make it to the Pact Rally Point, the assault on the temple stats.! Wether the temple is recaptured or not, there will be reset timer with bonus events that start shortly after the timer, then the meta resets.! Malchor's Leap! Gets a progress bar.! Escorting pact forces to the pact camps and completing nearby events fills the bar.! Lyssa and Dwayna would alternate each other. When one is captured the other gets recaptured by Risen by releasing a toxic cloud in the area.! When the bar fills, the pact assaults the temple that is under risen control.! The Inquest facility would also reset shortly after each capture, and taking over it would greatly speed up the bar and add Golem NPCs and inquest power suits to help fight in the next meta.! Cursed Shore! Event gets streamlined as a series of continuous events from the very entrance.! First, pact forces go from the entrance to Caer Shadowfain.! From there, to Gavbeorn's Landing.! After taking that spot, the Pact Forces split, half go to Melandru's Temple, the other half take ships and go to Grenth's Temple.! After taking both temples, events start at Penitent Waypoint, go to Meddler's Summit, then follow as always to Anchorage, then to gates of Arah.! Then Orr could get an unique currency for its vendors or have obsidian shards as their currency and drop from all events, and have its vendors improved with some new things:!! Temple armors will also have a version that costs more karma, plus obsidian shards or the new currency, that has the benefit of being stat-selectable and salvageable, but doesn't come with the runes! Crafting recipes for the god-named runes, just in case you are not lucky or patient enough to have them drop for you.! New minis:! Risen Priest of Grenth! Risen priestess of Lyssa! Risen Priest of Melandru! Risen Priestess of Dwayna! The Risen Priest of Balthazar would still come from the Lost Orrian Jewelry Boxes.! New kites:! Whispers kite! Priory kite! Vigil Kite! Pact kite! New Tonics! Whispers combat tonic: Gives a random Order of Whispers appearance with the same gender and armor class of the user.! Priory combat tonic: Gives a random Priory appearance with the same gender and armor class of the user.! Vigil combat tonic: Gives a random Vigil appearance with the same gender and armor class of the user.! Pact combat tonic: Completely random appearance from any pact NPC of a playable character race. It would have a very rare chance to get turned into prominent pact NPCs like Trahearne or Almorra.! Recipes to craft gear with two old core PvE stats combos that can only be found on 'leveling gear' loot:! Forsaken: Power, toughness, healing.! Apostate's: Condi, toughness, healing.! Since all Orr maps always have lodestones in their Map bonus rewards, the activator material for their insignia, inscriptions and jewels could be the same Prismatic Lodestones used in legendary crafting (the recipe would also be sold in Orr vendors) and Distorted Lodestones, a new item made out of Soiled Essences, Crystal Lodestones, Destroyer Lodestones and Corrupted Lodestones.

Following posts suggest things like a pact weapon collection, an orr map currency, the addition of the eye of zhaitan event, god backpack recipes and a new abbadon one or a risen skin infusion. I think there also should be Orr hero's chests maybe instead of a gemstone have the option to pick a mystic coin for core legendaries.

Putting the events on a global timer and adding some rewards would definitely bring me to play Orr more often. It could also serve as a form of advertisement if the base games endgame content gets updated to gw's modern standards.

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