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Char tech mount idea

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Picture a mount thats based on rusty char technology that would be a 4 legged spider like walker that moves pretty slowly but can walk up vertical surfaces and even ceilings with the right mastery. If it moves slowly then it wouldnt replace the springer for getting up random tall ledges that are encountered. The skyscale also has limited vertical climbing ability due to its fly stamina. In my mind this new mount wouldnt have its climbing functionality limited by stamina and can just stay on a wall and sit there. Stamina could be used to dash or jump from one wall face to another wall face. This mounts niche would be traversing really tall vertical surfaces without having to find small ledges to jump off of. With the current amount of vertical accessibility created by the springer and skyscale I dont think this new mount change map area accessibility anymore than its already been changed. Since it would be a char tech mount I also think it would be cool if it had a very small initial collection to gather a few parts and if the rest of the mount where crafted at any disciplines crafting station. Let me know what you think.

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