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[GW2 Raid Academy] [NA] Zero to Hero Community Raid Event (June 21 - 23)


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Hello all,

GW2 Raid Academy is pleased to share that we will be hosting a three day long Zero to Hero community event for anyone interested in learning to raid. It will take place this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (21st - 23rd). This is the third time we have done a community weekend like this and we hope you will join us!

All of the events will be organized through our Discord, so be sure to join and get yourself set up prior to the event starting. Please note that we play on NA servers and are primarily in NA time-zones (so our event times may reflect that).

Everyone is encouraged to join - no prior experience or a particular build is required for this event.

We will be focusing on both mentoring and training each day. We will not be hosting HP trains, so plan to have the elite spec(s) you are interested in unlocked prior to this weekend.

Training and Mentoring Weekend

Our raid trainers and mentors will be on hand to go over profession specializations. We would be happy to help you get started with any build - this includes class fundamentals, how to begin gearing, and anything else you may have a question about.

Raid trainings will also be happening throughout the weekend so be sure to hop into groups as they become available.

Expect to see trainings and mentoring sessions starting by ~1pm EDT each day, if not earlier. (We now have some trainers based outside of NA time zones, yay!)

If you’re interested in helping with this event, whether its leading runs, mentoring, or just hanging out to answer questions please let me know via DM on Discord (valkyrie#0001)!

More about GW2 Raid Academy:

What do you need to get started?

How does the server work?

  • Training Runs. Our volunteer instructors host scheduled sign-ups and impromptu training runs. Mechanics of the fight will be explained and the goal is to improve and learn the bosses.
  • Practice Runs. These impromptu runs are led by a mix of instructors and community members. Many are still newbie friendly and willing to explain mechanics, but some may ask for a little more experience with an encounter.
  • Champion Runs. These impromptu runs require the rank for the applicable wing being run, in an effort to ensure competence for our more experienced players.
  • Static Runs. Members of our server have started their own statics and progression groups - they have private text/voice channels and occasionally ping in Self-Study or Champion Runs if they need backups. They also recruit for their static from our server members.
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