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[Anvil Rock] Fairly new player looking for guild home that's PST evening based


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Hi everyone!

I've played off & on for a while but it never "clicked" with me until recently, so I have 2 level 80s barely at the end of the main games story. I've done only a couple story mode dungeons, no fractals and no PVP...so I'd be interested in finding a guild that is accepting of a noobish player like myself and hopefully who runs after 7:30pm PST.

I'm a dad in my mid 30's, so my play time is strictly at those evening times and it can be a struggle finding guilds who do events that late, most are EST based it seems!

I'm interested in all game aspects and am currently playing a Revenant and haven't quite decided my build.

Hit me up, interested in making some game buds.

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Hey! The guild I'm in has a mix of EST and PST players and our guild events dont start until 7-7:30 PST. We are always open to new players who just like to enjoy the game and have fun :) We've actually had quite a few new and returning players join recently, so you wouldn't be alone in your point in the game. Plus, we like to help out anyways!If you're interested, our guild name is Memores of Arah (MoA). We run guild missions every friday night at 7:30 PST, a guild event every saturday night at pm PST, and play all sorts of content together throughout the week. Fractals (all tiers. beginner and t4s), Raids, WvW, etc. For WvW, most of us seem to be on Borlis Pass, but there are some others who are on other servers. This isnt a requirement or anything. We also don't require 100% rep and don't kick due to inactivity. We do use discord pretty heavily.

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