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[EU][WSR/Can move][PVE][Semi-casual] Mature player looking for friendly guild to call home


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Being a long-time WoW player who finally managed to drop the addiction after Legion, I've found myself craving an MMO more and more over the past few weeks. So, I remembered that I had a GW2-account. Even remembered the password. And that's about where I stopped remembering things.

Okay - I got some level 80s. Cool. How do I play them? NFC.

Ooh, I'm in a guild. Last time someone else - with the exception of one guy - was online? 5 years ago... (insert meme of tumbleweed in a dusty desert street here)

So - I started a new character (dunno if I will stick to it or just use it to re-learn how the game works before going back to one of the high-leveled ones) - and now I am looking for a guild to call home.

I personally like to focus on the PvE-part of MMOs, but I don't mind the occasional PvP either. For me - having been around for as long as I have, and having played at the levels I have - what's most important is the sense of companionship and camaraderie that "the right" guild can form. I plan to have a casual approach to this game - but I've said that before and ended up competing for world first this or server first that, so who knows ><

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