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Tyria Pride 2 Event; Thank you so much Arena Net!


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Not just for supporting Pride month but for personal matter.

This personal matter is being one of the driving forces for me to accept who I was. A year and half ago, I came clean about being a trans female. I was recognized and diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria and I was able to begin my transition. The year I been in my Transition, I never been so happy in my life I finally feel like I am living the life that I was supposed to have from the beginning!

One of the biggest inspirations that gave me that drive to come clean as a Trans female was an NPC within Guild Wars 2, Aid Worker Sya...The moment I realized there was a trans female character in the game. I went to see what she said...What she said, hit something deep within my heart and it was the beginning of me realizing who I was meant to be from birth...

Thank you so much Arena Net. You were one of the many driving forces to help me come forward about myself and to accept myself, and with Tyria Pride 2 going on. I felt I should speak up cause I feel without Aid Worker Sya? I would be struggling to find myself to this very day. Cause She is right, Life is short and we need to start embracing who we are...And to support and embrace others as well.

I want to share a part of my gender narrative, I wrote during my counseling to begin my gender transition. Hoping I can help people see and to help those who are still struggling to find themselves.

"Saying (birth name) never existed doesn't seem absurd to me. Internally, it feels convincingly true. (Birth name) was just a mask I wore without realizing it so that I could be socially accepted at the cost of my emotions. It sent me spiraling into this pit of sorrow and a passive feeling of social rejection. It cost me so much to wear the mask that I hated myself, I hated (Birth name), I hated him so much cause he weighted me down.

This is me, this is who I am and I was born with a mask that took me down a dark path. I finally broke free of it when I found my true identity but she was never lost. I bid my mask, (Birth name), farewell and good bye, but, I won't forget him. Despite the misery I felt, he is a part of me and an experience I can use to help others going through the same thing, to help them find what was always inside them, like how I found myself!"

You, Arena Net, had save me from living a life that was none of my own and I could never thank you guys enough. I been undergoing hormones for the past year and my life could never be better. I don't care if this too personal, I have to say it for my own sake and to bring to light how Guild Wars 2 done so much for me. All it took was an NPC in Lion's Arch that changed my life forever and for the better.

Thank you so much for reading.

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