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My friend got his account blocked after I bought him PoF and HoT.

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Topic speaks for itself - few days ago my best friend had birthday, so I bought him Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns expansion. He didn't even played the game because the very next day his account was suspended. He tried to contact with support, five days passed and there's no response.

Picture he send me: https://imgur.com/GplEIry

His account ID: solumarma.5967

If you cannot help him, please, at least contact him and write why. I'm 100% sure he'll give you some more informations to confirm that he's account creator.

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Due to high volume, CS Team responses are running slower than usual, up to 2 weeks, or so. Your friend should have received the near-immediate automated reply; if not, he should check spam/junk folders.

If your friend had not played in some time, his account may have been compromised in his absence. He should also secure his email account, as usurpers often compromise both the game account and the email account associated with the game account, and will intercept email from the CS Team.

(If you purchased the expansions from ArenaNet or one of their authorized retailers, be sure to give him the purchase information, though not through email if it is not secure. If you purchased elsewhere, you would have to contact that retailer.)

Good luck.

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