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Guardian Smiter's Boon trait bug

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Guardian's smiter's boon trait in valor line is bugged as of the recent patch. It now only casts lesser smite condition AFTER healing spell completion instead of instantly on cast. This is a BIG nerf to guardian in sPvP and WvW as it can now be interupted if you're using skills like shelter or receive the light. If intended then this should be atleast listed in patch notes but since it's not I figure it's a bug. Pls fix as medi guardian feels VERY clunky now :(

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Here's to hoping this is a bug and not an undocumented nerf like alot of players on the Guardian forum are thinking, there has been way to much in the way onesided "balance" changes to the Guardian in the past 3 to 4 patches(heavy nerfs claiming that they wanted to increase build diversity but then there is nothing done in the way of improvements to offset the lose ) This has alienated a very large portion of the Guardian players particularly when they continue to see other classes that are very over powered being untouched or even worse being buffed. Speaking for myself it has been very discouraging watching balance patch after balance patch and seeing just more of the same heavy handed nerfs without any sort counter improvements elsewhere in the class , while any sort of ideas or discussion for improvement seems to be falling on deaf ears.

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