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How to use armor skin dye slots?


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I'm building something that targets /v2/skins and I'm wondering how to make sense of the dye_slots information.

Example: Leystone Vambraceshttps://api.guildwars2.com/v2/skins/6232


"dye_slots": {    "default": [    {        "color_id": 1,        "material": "cloth"    },    {        "color_id": 1,        "material": "cloth"    },    {        "color_id": 1,        "material": "cloth"    },    null    ],    "overrides": {}}

I'd expect to find three dye slots in the game, but my Leystone Vambraces only have two dye slots. Furthermore, the default colors are Spearmint and Grapevine, not Dye Remover.


Am I missing the point of the data, or is the data wrong?

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Apparently the API data has changed overnight... and now it looks totally wrong.

"dye_slots": {    "default": [    {        "color_id": 475,        "material": "cloth"    },    {        "color_id": 99,        "material": "cloth"    },    {        "color_id": 10,        "material": "cloth"    },    null    ],    "overrides": {}}

475 is Dust99 is Silt10 is Skyhttps://api.guildwars2.com/v2/colors?ids=475,99,10

I guess this is broken.

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