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What's the current Firebrand build looking like after the patch?


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Optimal is a 3-way mix of Viper, Grieving, and Sinister, as shown here: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vVAQRAnf7PnsADFBjdBDWChl4BbvleT3pVBgtU9yaD8CeUA-jxiAQBVTFFzq8Ag6CqpSQpqFgrqFAgnAA0OBAXTJGEVlAG7PEA4AY8iX8AGf8xHf8xr4jP+4jP+4jP+4lCYRlVA-e

That build and full grieving with chili are going to be within 0.5% (~200 DPS) of each other on the golem and most raid bosses.

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