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Dragonfall should get the HoT- particpation system

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Yesterday someone posted a guide how to most efficently farm dragonfall on reddit.

I wanted to post the top comment from there, that explains why a participation system would be better for such meta maps and why it should be changed, so the devs can see it, because i completely agree with the reasoning.

"Daybroker" said:I think the multi-tag farm is terrible design and a big step down from the far superior design of Dragonstand meta. Awarding keys for each individual event is a really stressful way to engage with the map and isn't a natural, co-operative way to play the map (the way people will tag each bridge event with a single piece and rage at people who turn in multiple pieces, finishing the event is an example of unintended gameplay from bad design). When guides like this also pop up, it's common for people to be upset with others on the map for farming out of order (finishing events before the zerg gets to them, similar to people being upset with someone soling one of the champs during the old Queensdale farm).

Dragonfall keys should be awarded similar to how it's done on Dragonstand - each player on the map that has active participation at 100% is awarded a set number of keys at each tier of total meta completion (as camps are upgraded, as progress is made towards the Kralk fight, after defeating the legendaries then finally after defeating Kralk).

This allows players to actually play the game as intended - work on the metas in their regions of the map, help others finish events as quickly as they can, actually role playing a member of the army fighting through these challenges instead of zipping around on rollerbeatles doing the bare minimum then feeling pressured to move on. It would also encourage organised maps to complete the metas faster (similar to Dry Top or Verdant Brink where people can get max tier with good organisation, in this case everyone always gets max tier but organisation increases the speed and thus the reward).

Dragonfall really needs to change how keys are awarded. The current design is resulting in unintended gameplay behavior and the game already has superior systems. The overall keys should remain the same (people who multi-tag events shouldn't get less keys with a tiered reward system) but just actively participating in aiding the camps and fighting Kralk should be the only requirement.

A personal suggestion would be to keep the chests that spawn at each camp until the meta ends and place additional ones there if the camp is upgraded similar to the auric basin outpost. Auric Basin was a similar design that awarded keys during outpost events, but only had chests after octovine. Later it got changed so players with less time can play the map without the need to participate for a complete meta. I would like to see something similar happening to dragonfall.

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