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Dungeon Run [EU]

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Welcome Players!

We are organizing a big dungeon run.


----- first run 14.07-----Every Sunday MEZ 4pm

Quick Information:This run will include following dungeons:

Caudecus's ManorTwilight ArborSorrow's EmbraceCitadel of FlameHonor of the WavesCrucible of EternityThe Ruined City of Arah

This will include Story!

There will be 3 diffrent kinds of Groups.

  1. Elite Group (know skips, Portals, stack spots)
  2. Experienced (know everything, including Story)
  3. Newby (new to dungeons/or not that experienced)

We will run a few dungeons, take a break and continue.We are using discord to announce/organizeThe discord is also a LFG for the future.


We are looking for Group leaders.contact me on discord for informations

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