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Open World Maps getting upgrade?


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I stopped playing GW2 some years ago (at the time of Heart of Thorns release.) I bought the expansion and played beta but then I stopped playing and never really had a chance to test the new expansion. So recently I started playing it again and I'm curious to see what has changed and if the issues I had previously with the game are fixed.

Unfortunately the first thing I noticed was that the dynamic events on the old maps (non expansion ones) are still broken/stuck/not progressing. Also most of the events I already know and locations are mostly empty. When there is a lot of people playing the events don't scale and it is difficult to hit anything before it dies. Terrible experience to be honest.

On the other hand the expansion maps are really nice and seem to have these kind of problems solved.

Does anybody knows if there are plans to upgrade old locations to the new quality?

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