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[EL] Eternal Lightbringers is recruiting (casual, chill guild)


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are you new to the game , returning player or a veteran looking for a friendly casual guild ?then you are welcome the the Eternal lightbringers! =)

  • WHO ARE WE? The Eternal lightbringers is a small friendly PvX guild currently level 18 with 30+ members from differents countries and cultures (dutch, austrian, belguim, south african,asian ..) but we all speak englishWHAT DO WE OFFER ?
  • a friendly, chill un-toxic environment and players who are willing to help out if you ask nicely.
  • a beautiful Glided Hollow Guild Hall
  • Guild missions every weekend
  • Some boosters and we are planning to get more in the future!
  • a fun discord server where you can meet a lot of good friends WHAT DO WE EXPECT FROM YOU ?We expect you:..to be friendly and respectful towards other members...to be active . There is no need to talk 24/7, but greeting members is a start. Just chat! (:..to be willing to helpDo you have any questions or want to join us?Then feel free to contact me :)

Discord: Ben Amor#3428Guild Wars 2 : benA.6430

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