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targeting bug: skill target isn't finalized until after casting

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This has been happening for a while, I just haven't reported it: When using a ranged skill that can be ground targeted, the target location is finalized when the skill is cast, not when it is initiated. This doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is quite annoying when using slow skills while moving, or, when using skills in conjunction with teleports. I think I should add that I have the option set where targeted skills fire with a single press.

example 1: using 'symbol of energy' (dragonhunter longbow skill 4) while strafing will often cause the player to fire the skill at a unintended location. The only workaround seems to be keeping your cursor trained on the target until the skill finishes.

example 2: When using elementalist, it can mess up the phoenix lighting flash combo that is commonly used by scepter elementalists. A typical burst combo is to cast phoenix at the target, then, before the phoenix actually launches, lighting flash to the target, swap to air and hit air skill 2. The problem is, after teleporting, your mouse cursor will no longer be on the target, so the phoenix will actually fly your new cursor location instead of the original one. This significantly reduces the potency of this combo.


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