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Thief Stealth

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Not sure if this is a bug or not but it is super annoying and makes stealth D/D Thief unfun. (If thats even a word). Ive recently switched to a Stealth D/D Thief for Pve world roaming and noticed 2 things that are annoying.1) Whenever I use my Hide in Shadows, the npcs still track me while im in stealth and/or if Im being attacked by a range attack, the projectiles still hit me while i stealth even if I move away from my original spot. IMO, once I go stealth the NPCs should not be able to hit me with projectiles if Im away from my original spot. AOES damage I agree with but not single attacks.2) When I use my cloak and dagger skill, more often than not, the NPCs tend to sprint away from the spot I was fighting them to go back to their original pathing. This happens instantly and makes my cloak and dagger followed up with a backstab difficult to pull off sometimes. The mobs should at least linger around the same spot to give the player enough time to do the backstab before running off

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