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Consistent disconnects while ending story quests. error code 7:11:3

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I just started playing GW2 again and have been trying to go through the living world but i am unable to finish instanced story missions. Every time the game disconnects me in the final moments of the mission. "A crack in the ice" DC'd right after killing boss and brahm talks to Rox., the one right after that with Queen Jenna disconnects after all the fighting is over and you are back in the throne room.

I have also been playing FFxiv and have been noticing consistant disconnects when i attempt to do dungeons. So it seems to be on my end.

The ISP says the signal is fine, that i can call in and request a new modem(hoping that may fix it). I have tried turning off firewall and that did not resolve it either. Anyone else have this issue, or know where i should go from here?

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