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Power Scourge Help?


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Ok. I am currently a full Zerk reaper. Mainly use greatsword. Spite/Soul Reaping/Reaper. I haven't had any issues with my necro and survive amazingly well until too overwhelmed with enemies. I get amazing force back so Im usually always in reaper phase.

I want to see if a Power Scourge is possible, and if so, what has anyone tested so far? I am not too great in build testing I will be honest. So can anyone help me out here? I want to see if it is possible to stay in my gear and pull of Scourge somehow. Let me know if you can help, weapon combos, trait setup, runes, etc. Anything at all is greatly appreciated so I can get a general idea of what is being discovered and sample things out to see what I like and go from there in regards to tiny changes etc.

I mostly PvE, story etc. Not much of a PvP person.I mostly Solo, maybe Duo if my partner is online who plays a squishy character, so if Power Scourge could support that'd be great! Especially if I don't lose much dmg or armor.

This is my character so far, it's worked for me. If there are improvement suggestions to get the best out of what I have let me know. If Scourge can work with what I have or maybe make a few changes to get same or better results than reaper let me know! All help is appreciated!


please if possible, send a build link so I can visually see for myself on gear, runes, traits etc as it is a massive help and less confusing for me.

Thank you!

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I had power reaper week ago too. Was trying to stay in zerker and IMHO it is not worth it. As far I have seen posts here about chimerical OP power scourge - all without actual build and all full of nonsense kitten.I solo all the time and when not I run in the zerg (bounties WvW etc).AFAIK condi is way to go with Scourge. I have converted my armor to Viper and picked up Carrion jewellery from bank (full set was reward for LS2 I think).Only thing I regret is my Eternity sitting in the bank - I love GS :(Otherwise condi Scourge is amazing - completely different playstyle compared to base necro/reaper - actually it is completely different to any other class in GW2.

This is what I run: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vRAQNArfWnE9CV2gV9Ce9Cs9iFhBLKAUueA6119aglqKkF6VA-jBzBQBmQDRMVCKNlf7TfAzeCAlbHAss8wEOQA2RDCAOABL7UAsQ1fAA-e

(actually I do not have runes of Nightmare yet and am too lazy to do dung run so as temp replacement I am using 4x rune of tempest - very cheap and almost as good)

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