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Phoenix Rising of Oceania [RISE] - OCX /AUNZ/NA Social Guild

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Phoenix Rising of Oceania [RISE] is recruiting both veteran and casual members into its ranks!

  • Who we are

    RISE was established in early December 2018 by a group of close friends, some of us date back to Guild Wars and others have formed close friendships in the earlier days of Guild Wars 2. Members have changed guilds over time, but our friendships have gone unchanged over the years - RISE was made to house all of us under one roof, allowing everyone to not only keep in touch, but to enjoy the world of Tyria together.

    What to expect?

    We are an Australian guild however we are open to anyone who is able to play in our timezone -a ll guild activities are scheduled for gmt+10/AEST and our current schedule can be found below. We don't currently have structured WvW or PvP, we are mainly a social guild and we take the time to get to know members and welcome them to our family.

    450+ members
  • Members who are fun, mature minded and friendly
  • Most members 18+ (average age is 30)
  • A welcoming environment with helpful members who are happy to assist

We have an active discord for all social activities and chats outside of GW2, and it is used extensively during guild activities such as missions and raids.

Guild Hall

Our guild hall is Gilded Hollows, max level


  • Guild missions are run every Saturday 6pm AEST
  • Raid training every Sunday
  • Bounty trains, metas and much more...

Code of Conduct

  1. We are free of judgement towards all religions (or lack of), races, genders, orientation etc.
  2. All members are to remain respectful towards each other in guild chat and in our Discord
  3. We have a zero tolerance policy towards sexism and racism in the guild. If you are found to be offensive towards a member, you will be given a warning, if your behaviour repeats you will be removed.
  4. Any problems and arguments between members are to be resolved privately - please do not argue in our guild chat or discord. Officers and Leaders will attempt to assist if you weren't able to resolve the matter privately
  5. As a community, we aim to help and include all members in our activities regardless of their experience level or knowledge. While it's not compulsory to help, being a member of our guild means you are expected to extend a helping hand even if it doesn't directly benefit you. Remember: you started as a noob too.

Rep Policy

We don't have a rep policy for members at this stage, but ask that you rep during guild missions

How to join

To join the guild leave a message below or message our leaders or officers in-game








As our guild grows exponentially daily we have implemented a waitlist to join the guild.Please follow the list below to fill our form and we will add you to the guild as soon as space becomes available!http://bit.ly/riseoce


Otherwise please feel free to shoot us a private message if you'd like to join, we look forward to making you a member of our family!

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