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The Potato Club [POTA] - fresh new PvE guild looking for active social and friendly spuds!


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Good morning, afternoon and evening fellow potatoes!The Potato Club [POTA] is a fresh new PvE guild that's been just created with no upgrades and we are looking for active and friendly spuds to fill the ranks!Everyone is welcome as long as you follow our simple rules - be friendly and help each other. We accept people from every corner of the world!

The focus of our guild mainly is to give people a place to hang out while playing Guild Wars 2. Being a loner myself, I know full well that any game, no matter how amazing, can eventually get boring to play alone. We intend to help fix that for you!Our second big focus is helping the new players get to know the game, so that they also can enjoy it to the fullest.Also this gives anyone interested a golden opportunity - to have the experience of building a new guild, all the way from scratch into greatness!

Everyone is welcome to join freely, no expansion or level requirements! But I would especially like to encourage two certain groups of people to consider our guild:

  • New players who have never played Guild Wars 2 and are enjoying it and would like to have a social hang out as well as have the experience of building a new guild to greatness from scratch.
  • Veterans with a golden heart, who have an interest in helping other people, especially the new players. I myself am not well versed in every aspect of the game and am only one person. Any veterans willing to help us in this endeavor will be greatly appreciated within the guild.

We have a discord channel! Invitation link is given in-game upon joining.

How to join?You may leave a reply here in the forums, but these two methods would be better:

  • Send me a mail in-game, Belekis.3571
  • Add me on discord! Potato#1199

I hope to hear from you soon! <3

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Good afternoon :)

I've been playing for a few months now. I've exclusively played the open world and personal story content. Not done any dungeons or WvW or anything yet.I don't have a lot of time to play, a couple of evenings a week and sometimes at the weekends. But some company would be nice. I currently play on Ring of Fire, but I guess I can transfer to wherever you are, I have absolutely no attachment to the world i play on at the moment, nothing to tie me down.

I currently have 1 character of each profession (Revenant included) all at various levels as I just like pootling around and trying out new character/story ideas. I've not really got the hang of anything beyond the basics (done a bit of crafting but none of my characters have really advanced beyond the early stages). And I only have 1 character at level 80 so far. Others will follow.

I'm a friendly bloke, and a former long-time (and indeed - founding) senior officer for a WoW guild. Though I'm on no way looking for anything approaching responsibility (i'm 40 with a toddler, I have enough responsibility in my non-gaming life without seeking out more lol)

If you need any more info let me know. I'll message you in game when i next play :)

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Hi there Belekis. I saw your post this morning and sent a request over Discord. But decided to post here in case your wondering. Anyway been looking for a new guild to join lately. I’m interested in joining if given the opportunity. I’ve also been a long time player that knows mostly the basics of the game. Not on a lot do to the profession I chose. I’m on about twice a week sometimes one. And when I do play bored out of my mind. GW2 is my favorite game of all time and want to invest more time and meet new people.

Thanks for your time and if you want to more just let me know.

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Both replies have been given an invite! Thank you for your interest and see you in-game!

Would also like to notify all who are interested, that we have successfully claimed a Guild Hall! The Gilded Hollow shall be our home which we will build together!Hope to hear from you all here, in discord, or in-game! Contact information is in the main post! <3

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Bump on the forum with an update!

The Potato Club [POTA] has been successfully growing and can now boast as being a friendly and active community! As of this post, the guild has 54 members, the majority of which are active on a daily basis! With a good mix of new players and veterans joining us, everyone can feel at home, and theres always someone online to provide answers to questions and advice on the game.

Our guild hall, The Gilded Hollow, has recently finally got a few upgrades! It is now level 5, our mine is operational and mining aetherium and we have also unlocked the Scribing crafting profession for anyone interested!Guild missions take place every Sunday at 12:00 pm (noon) GMT. Dungeon runs take place before and/or after the guild missions, both story and explorer mode. But you can also just ask around and Im sure you'll find people to join you on any day of the week!

Our current playerbase in the guild is mainly from the European and Oceanic regions, however our fellow American players are welcome to join as well! Just that you might be lonely at first, until our American population grows as well.All are welcome to join, no representation or experience requirements. New players and veterans are all still welcome! Join us, and become a fellow potato!

For those interested in joining our community, please contact me via the in-game mail system, my account name is Belekis.3571You may also reach me through discord: Potato#1199

I hope to see you all in-game! Have a nice morning/day/evening and thank you for taking the time reading this update! <3

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