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High CPU Usage

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Anyone else getting high CPU usage on their PC or laptop when playing the game. My CPU spikes when I play recently. I use a Cyberpower AMD PC or whatever you call it with a Radeon style graphics card that can run on high graphics, although I put some on my settings on low or medium. If anyone is able to answer this question I'd be grateful. Thank you. :)

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Edited: Oops! I didn't read thoroughly enough at you comment. :/ I see now that you use AMD.

What CPU and which GPU are you running? I have had both full AMD and Intel+Nvidia PC/laptop with Guildwars 2 but at the moment I run the latter...

If your laptop is on Nvidia GPU try setting "Threaded Optimization" to "ON" state in control panel.

It helps spread the workload over the CPU cores.

Here is a good YouTube video of someone explaining how to setup in control panel for maximum performance. :)

I follow this guide every time I have a new update for my GTX1060 and it works great! ;)

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