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[EU][Raids][Static] Looking for some members till end of August


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Hi,I am Mesou and i am looking to fill up my static group.This is a short term deal, just this month for now, because of RL jobs, scheadules will change in September.

state: Looking for more

## What we can offer

  • Discord (like everyone) where we try to be as social as possible.
  • Small group of ~15 ACTIVE (instance) pve players. Meaning we do Raids, Fractals and beloved Dungeons.
  • Experience in all classes! If we don't know atm we will use our connections to provide us the info needed.
  • Previously agreed raiding days. We do our raids in days where most of the group can attend.
  • Non toxic evironment.

## What are we looking for

  • Experienced players. (We are not looking for "clueless" or "newbies")
  • Multiclass. You will not be locked into one build, since we can swap around we require that you can do the same.
  • Social personality. If you join you must be able to communicate in some form.
  • Dedicated players looking into improving their skills and experience.

## Requirement

  • We are in GMT+1 (London, Dublin, Lisbon, etc)
    • We play daily from 19h till ~23h. So we start our Raids at 19h(GMT+1)
  • Multiclass
  • Experienced in raids
  • Availble on multiple weekdays (in the last few months we barely raid on weekends)
    • Our raids last around 2 hours
    • We need you at least 2 nights per week
  • Able to communicate in English

## Goal

  • Weakly practice/clear of wings 5,6 and 7
  • CMs of those wings
  • Scheaduled group ups without waiting times and reduced downtime between encounters

## Applicationif what you read above is what you looking for then apply or talk with us

Quick 5 question (GW2 forum links are buggy, so copy link or something)https://mesou.typeform.com/to/t9OaF4

Feel free to contact us ingame (send a mail or something)Mesou - RSM.7628Jair - jair.7431

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