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[EU][Raid] The Scorned Warriors [TSW] static looking for players

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Hey everyone!

we are The Scorned Warriors [TSW], a small group of players mainly interested in raids and high-level fractals.

We're currently assembling a raid static (4/10 players) and are looking for:

  • 2x Chrono Mains
  • 4x DPS Mains

Our goal is to clear raid wings reasonably swiftly and efficiently in a convivial atmosphere. Planned raid days and times are:

  • Monday 8:15pm CEST (2,5-3h; Wing 1-4 and 7)
  • Wednesday 8pm to 10pm CEST (Wing 5 and 6 Training)

Our requirements:

  • Be available on raid days reliably and on time
  • DPS players need at least one pDPS class and one cDPS class, managing ~80% of their classes' [sC] Benchmark
  • Both Chrono players need to know how to tank bosses
  • Have a complete set of ascended gear (infusions are optional)
  • Be experienced in Wing 1-4 and 7 (W1-4: ~50kp, W7: ~20kp)
  • Even more important: be experienced with your class(es)!
  • Be willing to equip and learn new classes if drastic Meta changes happen
  • Be willing to experiment with new tactics

If you're interested, please contact us via /whisper or ingame mail at:ApOcApS.9639 (static lead)Frau Wueterich.7239

(We're not an actual guild as in social guild with guild missions etc, we're only a raid static. We do not need you to rep the guild outside of raids.)

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