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LF LGBT+ Friendly Guild on Stormbluff Isle (EST/PVX/Casual)


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I'm a returning player looking to join a guild where i can learn how to do dungeons and raids and the like. I've done a few dungeons but still don't really know them that well, have done a lot of boss runs, but never done fractals or raids or anything like that. I enjoy pvp as well as wvw, though have only ever done that stuff solo. Definitely have a preference for PVE, but like i said, happy to do anything!LGBT+ friendly is a must.Also, would prefer not to have to join a discord and verbally talk to someone i don't know just to join a guild (As I'm not comfortable with that) but I'm perfectly fine text chatting if you want to do an "interview" or whatever.To sum up: Looking for lgbt+ friendly guild that will help me learn dungeons/raids/etcTy! <3

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