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Hallowed Ground bugs at the twin queens


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i love doing the personal story but i always wait for at least a week after it's out to do it cuz the bugs. today i'm doing hallowed ground and it's till buggy >.<'i already submitted a ticket in game and wrote in as much details as i can, but i'm not sure if anyone encountered something similar to this xd or if your Hallowed Ground story wasn't bugging at all?

the part where you fight the twin queens, Nahlah and Dahlah. i read around this forum and realize the first queen you killed would gone missing, i'm so unsure if that's how it works? or that's another bug on its own. while the second queen i finished immediately become a friendly NPC with the story option unchecked. so she bugged out and i couldn't interact with her at all, forcing me to restart the whole story instance again.

i was waiting a little bit inside the instance, hoping maybe it'll get lucky and she'll let me talk so i can progress. lol. then my NPC frands started to dodge and run all over the place too. lol. i know Kasmeer and Canach are traitors. lol.

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