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[EU] LF casual, friendly LGBT+ guild


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Hi hi, I'm Skau!

About me: I've been playing for three years and I have at least some experience with pretty much every aspect of the game (never tried PvP and WvW isn't really my thing, I'll do pretty much anything else all day though), I'm an altoholic with a massive soft spot for sylvari, and other than video games my interests include drawing/painting, writing, movies/tv, D&D, and pretty much anything else you can put a "nerd" stamp on. I'm Norwegian (and fluent in English!), 27 years old, shy and anxious but also friendly, chatty, funny and enthusiastic.

What I'm looking for: an easygoing, preferably kinda small (less than 100 members is ideal) guild mainly for people in the LGBT+ community, 18+ if possible (thinking about maturity level is all, I'm not at all interested in "adult conversation" tbh). I consider myself a pretty casual player, I play and enjoy T4 fractals and raids a lot but I prefer fun and laughs over heavy focus on meta this and meta that and I like the exploration aspects of the game the best. I just want a nice group of people to hang out with who will respect my identity and pronouns and understand how I feel, and I want to make friends. A discord server and maybe a forum/website/blog would also be wonderful.

Full disclosure: I'm already in a pretty great guild, and I want to stay with them. My only problem is that I'm in essence the only active LGBT+ member they have and it's very lonely sometimes. That's not to say that I won't be very active in another guild, I play for several hours every day and won't have any issues splitting my time, but I know a lot of guilds have rep rules and such so I wanted to mention it up front.

If anyone would have me or wants to know more about me, please reply or send me a message (or whisper me in-game)! Thank you! :)

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There are a few really active LGBT communities in game. I personally lead a guild specifically for gaymer guys 18+ called Strapping Young Men [sYM]. There's also the Rough Trade Gaming Community [RTGC] which spans across many MMOs and has been around for over a decade I believe. Our Sanctuary [LGBT] is a great guild focused on a supportive environment. There's also Bring Your Own Boons [bYOB] which is a large guild focused on merging LGBT players and supporters alike.

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