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[BUG] Wall clipping

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I play Charr Revenant and i constantly use "Unrelenting Assault" - https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Unrelenting_Assault . Using this skill often teleports me on the other side of a wall if the mob is close enough to a wall. It is a major annoyance to rinse/repeat - traveling, fighting again the same mob and the sheer frustration that this is a known bug (yes, I read before writing). Generally I have tolerance for software bugs, since i know it's hard work, but when I'm forced to waste my time needlessly doing repetitive actions, because of a software, then things are different.

I'm currently still exploring the PvE side of the game and this bug drives me nuts. I can't even begin to think how raiders and PvPers feels about this, considering it's a bug, that can be used for exploiting the game and on top of all is listed as a known bug, even in the GW2 Wiki.

Have a great day!

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