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Arms Rework Suggestions


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I really miss the old Arms line for Warrior. Over the last few years, Anet has been overhauling so many traits in the specialization in order to make condition Berserker have more damage potential. That's fine, and I have played a lot of condi Berserker in my day, but I really do miss the power synergies that Arms had. It's especially annoying when you take into account the fact that there is a trait existent within Arms that is HUGE for ferocity and is a very strong (and bloated) trait in general. Signet Mastery is so fun because it's one of the few examples of a ramping power trait since it will automatically give you 1 stack every 20 seconds when you attack a target below 50% health. It will always give at least 2 stacks for free after 40 seconds, resulting in a free 200 ferocity in an adept trait. That's fun stuff, and it's only ever going to be cared about in crit-oriented power builds. That's why I'm here to suggest my changes for the Arms specialization. With these suggestions, I am aiming to change the Arms line to be more interesting, versatile, and unique. Nothing I will suggest here will copy from other existing traits in GW2, and they are designed to all reasonably balanced and believable.

Minor traits with minor effectiveness

These few traits are the biggest issues I have with the specialization. Other than the mediocre first trait, the other two are completely irrelevant in power builds. Yes, I know that damage is damage and, at the end of the day, these random bleeds will actually contribute slightly towards your overall DPS. The main issue is that they're both so boring and ineffective outside of condition-oriented raiding DPS builds. I'll try to fix that, and make these traits more interesting and useful for a wider variety of playstyles, hopefully without being overbearing in comparison to other specialization minor traits.

Furious Burst

The one inoffensive minor trait on this list is the first one players will unlock. I think this trait can mostly stay the way it is, but I do think that the internal cooldown is way too long. Drop down the ICD from 15 to 10 and see how it plays out. With Rage runes, it would result in nearly permanent Fury, but Fury is so common in GW2 among traits nowadays that I think we could excuse that. The entire Arms line is very crit-oriented, so Fury should be a strong selling point of speccing into it. This is also a very important trait for Berserker, ever since Fury was removed from the Berserk activation (likely because it itself was turned into a burst), and Arcing Slice was removed from the elite specialization.

Deep Strikes

I do very much enjoy Deep Strikes. I enjoy how it changes the tooltip, I enjoy how it's a copypasta of a Mirage minor trait, and I think it works great for synergizing with the theme of Fury filtered through this specialization. The problem I have is that it has no purpose on a power build. Back when this was a major trait, I could forgive it, but now it kind of feels very forced. It's almost as though it is punishing me for experimenting and buildcrafting with Arms in a power-oriented scenario. The answer is simple: make this trait also give power alongside condition damage. You could lower the stat values from 180 ->100 if it is deemed too stacked for an adept minor trait.


So this trait once granted a 5% damage modifier against bleeding foes, which was useful in the case of power builds, but it wasn't terribly fun or interesting, so I don't lament its departure. However, I have two issues with the current state of Bloodlust. One reason is that it is uninteresting and only important for raiding builds, as bleeding duration doesn't mean much in basically any other format of the game. The latter reason is that this trait doesn't feel worthy to be considered grandmaster. All it does is give random chance to bleed on crit and a flat 33% bleeding duration increase. It also follows the reoccurring trend of being solely condition-slanted and lacking versatility. However, with all that said, I don't think this trait needs any kind of damage increases added to it. Signet Mastery is already a huge (and glorious) damage buff for power builds. So much so that adding too much more to Arms would make it too similar to the Strength line. So my suggestion to make Bloodlust interesting is this: Remove the bleeding duration increase (condition Berserker is already super strong in Raids, it can take it), and instead make it so that you gain Retaliation when you are struck by a bleeding foe. This gives us an unconventional source of damage that many people, especially in PvE, tend to underrate. This suggestion also turns a very bland trait, into something flexible and interesting in a wide variety of game modes. I'm not usually one for suggesting more Retaliation be added to GW2, but Warrior doesn't have very much of it and it compliments both the Warrior's high health pool/armor as well as the aggression brought by Arms.

Major traits with (mostly) major disappointment

Wounding Precision

Now, I definitely do have something against traits like these that do nothing but small stat conversions, but I understand why this is here. Wounding Precision, unfortunately, replaced Berserker's Fury on August 8th, 2017. This is a damn shame! Berserker's Fury would be so extremely potent for Berserker (appropriately enough) in PvP because ever since the rework, gaining 30 Adrenaline has been a huge issue. The majority of people have resorted to slotting Signet of Fury to make up for this since it's THAT big of an issue. I know that it kind of overlaps with the intention of Signet of Rage, but I would be so ecstatic to have this trait back in some fashion. In its current state, Wounding Precision is both lame, and ineffective outside of being a small damage bonus for precision-loaded PvE builds.

Signet Mastery

This is the Big Daddy of the Arms line, and it definitely feels like a GM trait to me. This is a fun trait that alters both your build and your playstyle. This trait totally changes the way you think about many of the signets available to Warrior AND gives you a buff to keep track of that majorly increases your outgoing crit damage. It's HUGE! This is such a wonderful trait for a power build... it's just a shame that it's buried in a totally condition damage-focused specialization. Signet Mastery is an orange in an apple orchard, it's a polar bear in the middle of the desert, it's a DPS Scrapper in the LA Aerodrome -- it's a wonderful thing, but it's in a place that is not deserving of its magnificence. Don't touch it.


This is an interesting trait, and I do respect it. The only problem is that this trait only affects immobilization-causing attacks, which Warrior very much lacks. The only reasonable sources of Immobilize on Warrior is Flurry (that's probably the idea, here), Berserker's Rupturing Smash, Pin Down, and... shudders Throw Bolas. Outside of memey Hammer Berserker builds, I can't see myself using this. How about lowering the ICD and Fury duration and instead of making it proc when striking an immobilized foe? That way I at least wouldn't feel pressured to go anywhere near Throw Bolas, because no one deserves that.

Unsuspecting Foe

This trait is admittedly a bit cheesy, but it's the kind of cheese that defines your build and playstyle, so I think it's fine. I love how this trait doesn't rely on the Warrior himself applying the disable, and if it was the other way around, this would be another example of Opportunist, so I'm very grateful for that.

Sundering Burst

This is a very strong and satisfying trait that works in virtually every build and ties in well to the theme of critical hits found in other places of the line. It's perfect.


This trait is a mixed bag for me. On one hand, it is very useable in a variety of situations due in no short part to the hybrid nature of the sword. However, I don't think this trait should get a pass purely because it is associated with a very well-designed weapon. I'd say remove the expertise (once again, condition Berserker is very potent in Raids and expertise isn't very important in other formats) and have this trait alter Final Thrust. Having this trait change Final Thrust into Seeking Blade, increasing the damage when used on targets above 50% health, as well as becoming unblockable.

Burst Precision

This trait is crazy. It's very strong in PvP and allows for builds with very low precision to still succeed in regards to burst skills. This trait is very strong when combined with Arc Divider, and it makes for a very satisfying and potentially powerful build. However, I do think this trait deserves heavy changes as well. For one, there is already a trait within the same line, Unsuspecting Foe, that gives huge situational crit chance. Having this trait give 100% crit chance to burst skills makes Unsuspecting Foe useless when it comes to your burst skills, meaning it has anti-synergy. My suggestion is to lower the crit chance to 50% (thus making it total to100% when combined with the effects of Unsuspecting Foe), and have it increase the critical damage of burst skills by 15%. That makes it unique from Burst Mastery, as well as tying into Arms' crit theme. This also gives power builds a good GM trait to use.


I love this trait. It's very unique, it has synergy with any kind of build that has many quick sources of damage, and it even has relevance in ANY kind of build due to the adrenaline-granting feature associated with it. It's good the way it is.

Dual Wielding

Ooooh, boy. This GM trait is horrible. Just compare it to Signet Mastery. I dare you. Two different suggestions for this one: either make it stack on top of quickness and other attack speed buffs (such as Berserk) or just rework it entirely. I think many of us love the idea of this trait, and really want to use it, but it's really hard to justify it when putting it up against the other options.

If you've read this far, then I want to thank you! I really want to see Arms be more interesting and useable in the future, and hopefully, Anet will give it a few look-ins once they give Tactics its well-deserved love (I'm really looking forward to those changes, too).

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@CadeRG.4508 said:I really want to see Arms be more interesting and useable in the future, and hopefully, Anet will give it a few look-ins once they give Tactics its well-deserved love (I'm really looking forward to those changes, too).

I don't like all your changes,but definitely support that :-)

Old arms was really nice to play and always a look at in core power builds.When Anet want to boost core builds (it looks like that sometimes) they should think about that.

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