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[EU]Omega International Gaming PvX guild. Everyone welcome!


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Hail, good people! Im Andy (Or Wìckéd). And i am the GM of our merry little group of monster-slayers(Charrs count). Most of us have played GW2 for a long time now, but recently we decided its time to form up and start working as a collective ingame. Yes, we are the borg.Aaaanyhow, currently were still in basicly the placeholder part(3 guys) but we'll get there, there being large scale guild pvp, guild missions, fractals..euhm, PvX ok? For now we are looking for friendly people with deep seeded sleeping problems with obsessive compulsive behavior torwards videogames WITH few sidenotes:

-Over 18, or atleast the ability to behave like an adult meaning not bitching and moaning about everything or CAPS-SPAMMING every goddamn thing.-Desire or the ability to lead/manage a guild. Officers, so i dont have to deal with everything all the time.-Same as above but directed torwards WvW, and sure officers can lead warbands too, but not everyone wants the weight on their shoulders.-Be respectful & friendly torwards your fellow gamers as no one likes drama in /g-Sure you can be in multiple guilds, even just try us out who knows you might even like being OMG. Ofcourse you have to just suck it up in our growth/planting phase.-Sense of humour, with a side of suck it! torwards the enemy, we are not here to pick flowers people!(Yes, Sylvari count)

For now thats about all for now, if you want to just hang around and see what we'll turn up to be i dont mind. As long as you know that activity is a prerequisite to join, those gone or inactive for longer than a week without any note will be booted out, sure youl get invited back if you want to but i dont like to house offliners that much. Call it my little personal problem.

Yes we do use discord, no you dont have to join, unless in WvW or any activity which requires abit of coordination & cooperation. No, talking is not mandatory.Yes we do have a site + our main hub site. (same with discord, gets too crowded & confusing if people are shouting LFGs from 5 different mmorpgs)

toodiloo! ciao! etc :) Oh right whisper Hoodoo.4379 for invite, officers have not yet made it ashore.

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