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“LFGuild on Dragonbrand (PvE, WvW, casual player, EST)”


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I'm an old returning player that started with GW and then moved to GW2. I enjoy guild activities and will usually be available during the week for a few hours after 6pm est. I do a lot of playing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I would enjoy the company of others while grinding. There will be times that my job takes me away for a week or more but that should only happen a few times a year, at most one or two times a quarter. If you have daily requirements for members, we're probably not a good fit. If you plan events to get as many members as possible active, I'm all about it. I don't mind helping newbies but I also hope to be helped by more experienced and hardcore players. I do not judge others on their abilities, I absolutely suck at jumping puzzles but still attempt them periodically! Fractals are not my friends either but I will attempt them whenever someone wants to try. I am easy going and respectful of others and their life choices. I am open to either a family friendly or 18+ guild

I am not willing to change servers, I just changed so I can be on the same server as a few friends and family members.

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