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Aussie player looking for a guild in NA servers, will move server if I find the right one

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Hi,I'm a returning player, returning after 5 years. Astoundingly I was able to completely recover my account and I'm so happy about that! I have 3 lvl 80 characters (necro, warrior, Mesmer) plus various different chars at different lvls in all the other slots.

Its been a bit tough returning, I used to play with my husband, he but he has now passed away. Running around the original content, remembering where we used to adventure, we had a guild.. I don't seem to be able to access the guild bank any more, annoying because a lot of my stuff is in there... :(... anyway...

I am looking for some company to chat with while I adventure in game. Happy to help players etc. (once I'm up to speed, but I am always up to help with a mean boss or a quest or something or even just hang out for some company) I am currently based in Ehmry Bay but I'll move, no worries there. I've done dungeons and factals in the way distant past, would need some reminding on the mechanics.. update my characters... etc.

Casual player, trying to remember how it all works and get up to speed with what is current. I have a full time professional job and a young child, hence why I say I'm a casual player. I've 100% map completion of the original story, I have bought part two of the story plus I have the two expansions and just got my first mount from the Crystal Desert. I remember how I dislike playing in level 80 areas alone lol. So frustrating!

Looking to make some new friends, I'm from Adelaide, SA, so +9.30 is my time and I usually play from about 9pm - 11pm most nights and then when I can on the weekends.

If you have a guild and you are recruiting let me know the details below. I don't mind if it isn't an Aussie guild but would be good if a good number of people were playing when I am on.


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