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Pet crit rate on the pet management page is NOT accurate.

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All testing was done against a standard kitty golem. There were no additional buffs or conditions beyond what my pet naturally applied while attacking.

My traits were:Wilderness survival with taste for danger, ambidesterity, and poison masterSkirmishing with Sharpened edges, Hidden Barbs, Vicious QuarryBeast Mastery with Resounding Timbre Natural Healing, and Honed axes.

My gear is an axe and a torch. No sigils. Second weaponset is the same axe and a dagger. The dagger has a major sigil of force(3% damage)My armor has 3 Superior runes of the ranger, 1 Major rune of the Centaur, and 1 Minor Rune of Rata Sum.

I did not use any ability while doing these tests (except the last one where I spammed strength of the pack to put fury on my pet.)

With a river Drake Pet attacking the kitty golem from behind: out of 90 attacks, 19 were crits. That's a 21% crit rate. The pet management says my pet should have had 37.09% crit rate.

I repeated the test just in case I was simply unlucky. I used the same pet and just as before it attacked the golem from behind: 19 critical hits out of a total of 132 attacks. 14.3% crit rate. Pet management says I should have 37.09%

I put the river drake in from of the kitty golem instead of from behind and had him attack again. 211 normal attacks and 49 crits. This means my pet has around a 23.2% crit rate, but the pet page says it should be 37.09%

I swapped the river drake for a lynx. I had the lynx attack the front of the kitty golem. Pet management says my lynx should have a 69.80% crit chance. 92 out of 166 attacks were crits. That's a crit rate of 55.4%. My lynx has a crit rate that is 14.4% less than it says it should be.

On final thing I tested:I spammed strength of the pack while my lynx was attacking, I was too busy spamming it in order to give my lynx fury so I didn't write down how many attacks were crits and how many weren't, but the pet management page says my pet should have 99.80% crit chance (It looks like vicious Quarry's 10% bonus crit chance while affected by fury also applies to my pet despite the trait saying nothing about it at all.) and I could see that 1 to 1.5 out of every 10 attacks were not crits. This would not happen if my pet really did have 99.8% crit chance.

It almost seems like both my lynx and river drake have 14.4% less crit rate against the kitty golem than they say they should have. I don't know if the ~14% or so is a coincidence, but it is interesting to note.

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