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CALLING ALL MESMERS! Tyrian Mystical Tours [PORT] is rebuilding...

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TMT is rebuilding. We crawled, we walked, we ran, we stumbled, we learned. I learned. I founded TMT. Our vision was always to help others. To teach, to learn, and explore a truly magical class in the vast wonderous world of Tyria. We ask only a few things of our members. They are..

1) Rep [PORT] when you are porting at Jumping Puzzles. Never charge, tips are always welcomed by us, but never demanded. If you want to "work" for a guild or group, and agree on a fee, DO NOT use the [PORT] tag. This is done on your own, and not our concern.2) Attend Guild Missions when able. This will help those building or rebuilding a character. We will run quick or full missions, it will be up to those attending.3) Be respectful of each other. Keep arguments private. We're all adults, act like it. :)

That's not too much to ask is it? We are few, once we were many. Let's forget what was, and work towards what can be. Mesmers are special, magical, lets show how we can shine. If you haven't played a Mesmer, you are missing a truly enjoyable class. Some call us a "Support class only". You know what? Supports hold the strongest bridges, the tallest buildings. Without us, they would crumble.... We run daily metas with our alliance guilds. Join us.

PM me for details or send me an email in game. We look forward to hearing from you!

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