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Having a bit of a problem with Wyvern's Liquid Fire achievement


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Hello! I was having a bit of trouble with this achievement; I wasn't sure if this was really a glitch or if im doing something wrong in this step but I was attempting to craft Astralaria, and this would be one of the required achievements

However, its not activating for me at all;1) I've made sure to hold the Aurillium Capsule in my inventory, and i have crafted it2) I have made sure to be struck by his fire breath several times, i've even been downed because of it3) I've done events on the map prior to this before

I'm not sure if I should be doing other steps, or if I shouldn't be in soulbeast mode, im not exactly sure. So i was hoping to find an answer here. Any help is greatly appreciated!

(Also, if i posted this in the wrong forum, very sorry about that!!)

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