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Story mission disconnects

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@"Egrimm Van Horstmann.7921" said:I have had to repeat sacrifice three times and Search for Truth after four disconnects can't stand another Balthazaar disposition. Everywhere else in the game no problems, but story missions are a slog like this.

Hey Egrimm Van Horstmann.7921,

If you have issues please post the results of -diag and -log flags, what you were doing at the time of the issue/error, what the error code was, and the results of a tracert as described in this thread.If you need help with how to do that please see this link from the GW2Wiki.We are trying accumulate as much information as we can for ArenaNet to pinpoint and solve these problems and the more feedback we give them, the better chance we have of getting this all solved sooner.

Thanks <3

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