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About Guild Wars 2 Templates

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About Guild Wars 2 Templates

Hi everyone,

Build and equipment templates are coming soon. Following the blog post on September 30 and

on October 1st, we've collected your feedback about this multifaceted new feature. Some players aren't sure how it will impact their play styles or how they'll transition to the new system, including from third party programs they've been using. Others have concerns about our plans for monetization. As release day approaches, we'd like to take the time to clarify a few points so you're ready to start using build and equipment templates right away.

Some of the details have been clarified in forum discussions, but we would like to summarize what Templates have to offer with a simpler picture of what the feature entails.

Build Templates (character-bound) This is the "data" of the build, the information that can be shared from player to player in chat or in text files so others can inspect or use your build.

  • These are the actual builds your character has access to on the fly.
  • Located on the right side of the panel in the UI
  • Contains utility skills, specialization and traits
  • Each character will start with three Build Template tabs and can have up to six tabs with additional purchases available in the Black Lion Trading Company Store

Equipment Templates (character-bound)

You can use these to create and store sets of equipment.

  • Located on the right side of the panel in the UI
  • Stores armor pieces, weapons, trinkets, and upgrades
  • Frees up bag space
  • A single piece of legendary equipment can be customized with different attributes in separate Equipment Templates
  • Each character will start with two Equipment Template tabs and can have up to six tabs with additional purchases available in the Black Lion Trading Company Store

Build Storage (account-bound)

This is a catalog where you can conveniently save builds of your choice. You can also use this part of the feature to collect builds shared by other players.

  • Located on the left side of the panel in the UI
  • Allows sharing of builds across characters
  • Can filter based on profession and search by name
  • Every account will start with one Build Storage Expansion with a set of 3 spaces, and can purchase up to 8 Build Storage Expansion with a total of 24 Spaces in the the Black Lion Trading Company Store
    • For a month after release, you can claim a Build Storage Expansion with 3 spaces in the Gem Store

Build Sharing

  • Codes can be shared in chat or outside of the game
  • Codes can be exported or imported from Build Template Tab and Build Storage Spaces
  • Codes can be previewed from chat and examined, then copied or saved

Build and Equipment Tabs and Build Storage Spaces will be priced in the same range as bank and bag slot expansions.

We've also been following a related conversation about third-party programs. Our policy on third-party programs has not changed. You can read the full policy here.

We don't have any desire to take punitive action against players who are abiding by the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct while using third-party programs, but we can't declare any third-party program "safe" to use because it would require us to commit to oversight. If we said, "We won't take action against your account if you use this specific program," we would need to monitor all development, features, and potential uses of the program going forward. We don't have the resources to do that.

In the past we've made a few exceptions to our "no review" policy regarding third-party programs that enhance the game without providing unfair advantages to those who use them. Those exceptions took place at the sole discretion of the company and don't constitute an endorsement, or a guarantee of the programs' safety, security, or continued development. If you choose to use third-party programs, you're responsible for making sure you're not doing so in a way that violates the game rules."

We're looking forward to releasing templates so you can play with the feature, get familiar with how it works, and tell us what you think.

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