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(EU)[Sev] Looking for Raid leaders!


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Hello Guild Wars 2 person,

Circle of the Seven is looking for experienced Raiders to join our guild for the long term, to lead and teach those of us who are a little fresh to the way of the raid.

We are primarily focused on building a friendly community of raiders, and while we have strong experience among our current members, we lack a little in the voice-comms department and are looking for people who aren’t afraid to take a commanding role over good old discord-microphone.

Additionally we are also in need of Chrono’s and healers (aren’t we all) so if you’re interested in joining the Guild as a learner and are maining any of these professions head over to our discord at (https://discord.gg/bkHrBgg) to find out a little more about what we’re about. We welcome everyone who is looking to seriously join our community with open arms, but we are always monitoring for inactivity to keep the roster an accurate representation of activity and we’re rapidly filling up with DPS members so we may not always be able to accommodate everyone with desired roles on raid runs!

Thank you!

Circle of the Seven

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