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Streamlined Kits icon visual bug


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On Engineer, if you play with the trait Streamlined Kits, there is a bug with the buff icon on your effects bar. The icon will ALWAYS show if you swap in the trait, even if you've triggered it shortly before. The bug is just visual, even though you see the buff on your bar, you can't proc it if it is still on the internal cooldown. You can easily replicate this by equipping the Streamlined Kits trait, proc it by swapping a kit out of combat, and swap out the trait and then quickly trait it again.

This doesn't seem very annoying, but this bug also happens if you play with the Streamlined Kits trait and you get downed and rezzed. When you get rezzed, you also ALWAYS have the visual Streamlined Kits buff icon, even though it might be still on its internal cooldown. Swapping kits doesn't remove the buff icon if you don't actually proc it. If the actual cooldown is finished, and you proc it, the icon will disappear and from there on it will behave normally.

I really enjoy playing Engineer in raids, but this bug pretty much makes it impossible to recover from a downed state because it's really hard to regain track of this trait. Since playing Engineer is already really hard in raids, it's very hard to, when this happens, pay attention to when, after a rez, the traits get procced because you swap kits all the time, and the buff won't go away, and then suddenly it's gone and you've missed it, 'caused there's so much other stuff to pay attention too.

The bug is extremely easy to recreate, as far as I can tell, it's 100% consistent.

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