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[FIXED] Black Screen with Cursor Bug

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This solution may leave your network unpotected. Be careful...

After logging in to GW2 and playing for anywhere between 5-15 mins my screen would go black but my cursor would still be visible and music would be playing in the background. This is 100% a network error that arenanet is aware of but has done nothing to resolve the issue. I tried everything from port forwarding to waiting five years for a fix.

The fix I have found may work for other modems but I have the Netgear D6300.

Firstly type in your modems IP in a web browsers address bar, which is usually

Type in username: admin and password: password.

Secondly click on the advanced tab at the top next to basic.

Then click on the setup drop down tab which is on the left hand side and click WAN setup.

Then make sure to check the box that says disable port scanning and uncheck the box that says disable IGMP Proxying.

Click apply.

And your all done!

Hope this helps.Enjoy

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