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3 PvP Suggestions from new player


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Hello, I'm kinda new, started playing PvP less than 2 months ago and although I suck big time ^^ I find it very fun and I want to keep playing it. I have 3 suggestions how to improve it, mostly QoL, and while I post them as a feedback for ANet, I'd also love to read feedback from more experienced players, especially about the first one. I also believe that they are all easy to implement. However, I haven't played WvW yet, so no idea if these suggestions would apply there as well.

  1. Remove "rally" mechanic from PvP

Ok, so... I was wondering why so many PvP'ers are toxic, especially the unskilled ones... and I came to realize that source of the issue might be "rally" mechanic. I might be totally wrong about this one, but think: in PvE, mechanics like revive and rally are always positive, they never harm anyone, always help, because players are always working towards common goal, and therefore they encourage cooperation between players. In PvP however, rally can feel like your teammates help your enemies by dying, however weird that sounds. Therefore it encourages hostility and toxicity towards your own teammates. And I know that top players have ways of dealing with it, or taking advantage of it, but that's not the point; pros in any game can always adjust to any mechanic, no matter how weird or unintuitive it would be.

It reminds me of so called "kill stealing" in League of Legends. There, it also woulnd't affect pro players, because they know how to take advantage of loot distribution system. But less skilled (or more selfish) players can literally work against their teammates by taking loot for themselves. And as such, it incites hostility towards teammates.

So I believe that removing this mechanic from PvP would reduce toxicity, but that's not the only reason to do so. It also feels completely unintuitive/unrealistic. At times it can be snowbally, because if the one team is much better than the other, downing one of them doesn't matter as they keep getting kills. In fact, rally can even effectively heal someone who was below 25% health before. Other times, it just feels random and unfair. Like, you're fighting someone 1v1 and manage to down them, and you didn't even know they were fighing one of your teammates before, but hey, they just got rezzed instantly, deal with it. If you'd downed them 0.5 second later, it wouldn't happen.

So, random, snowbally, unrealistic and unfair mechanic that encourages toxicity, please make it go.

  1. Rotating minimap

I got so much used to rotating minimap since I discovered this feature; much to my disappointment, it's not available on most PvP maps. I can't stress this enough: I simply can't read minimap that is not rotating, I don't know where I am and where others are in relation to me. Since it works on some maps (Djinn, Capricorn and Coliseum), it's certainly possible to make it work the same way on other maps: all that needs to be done is to set center of the map around which it would rotate.

  1. Calling target on yourself

While this isn't strictly PvP thing, I believe it would affect competitive modes more than PvE. Scenario is really simple: someone wants to get rezzed, so they target ME. First of all, I absolutely HATE IT when someone calls target on me for whatever reason, with a good faith or not. It's just beeing the target, having big red crosshair above my head (hunter's mark?) that triggers me. Oh, and I hate red color.

At the same time, I don't find it helpful at all. Because if I don't rez someone, I do so because either: I think it's too risky, or I don't see them. Teoretically people target me to help me spot them, but it doesn't help with that in any way, because it doesn't show their location. Now, I'm not saying that I need that to spot downed players, all I'm saying is that I'd rather have them target themselves (if they want to be more visible) than me.

I don't know of any way to make you select your own character as your target, but maybe it could be done that when you call target without any target selected, you place this big red crosshair above your own head. Another change that could be made, is that things said in /team chat could be visible as a bubble above your character, just like with /s. This way, when someone says "rez", it would also pinpoint their location. I somewhat doubt people would start saying that, because they never do so now. Calling target is just faster and easier (even if not useful).

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