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[Vid] [13min] Violaceous Æther - Support Firebrand PoV - Small Scale WvW


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Hey there lads!

After roaming with my guild for awhile as a DPS class (reaper) without any supports in our team, I decided i would give the support Firebrand a whirl and it has been a very fun and informative experience. So much so that I felt compelled to record our roams and make a montage out of it,

It's fairly experimental. All my other roaming videos are primarily shot from the PoV of a DPS, and this has been the case for 90% of all the other roaming videos that i've found so far. The only time i find a Support PoV is during larger GvG or Commander PoVs. So I figured perhaps it's an interesting experiment to see if people would like to see how I generally tackle the support role in a smale scale setting. At the very least it's a forgotten PoV I feel like, as good support can definitely decide the flow of a fight.

Anyways here is the video link:


Build used and other extra information will be linked in the description box of the video (although it's standard full minstrel)

Hope you'll enjoy it, and if not, my guildies have much better videos from the PoV of a DPS (linked in the description as well)


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@"xDudisx.5914" said:Nice video. Rare to see a support roamer POV. What gear/traits are you using?

Sorry for the late reply, busy days lately.

I'm running standard full Minstrel's gear with Valor (mid,bottom,mid) for self sustain, Honor (mid,mid,bottom) for extra heal through Aegis, dodging and the outgoing healing modifiers, and lastly Firebrand (bottom,bottom,bottom) to buff my tomes.

For a better overview see this link: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWwAc6ZlRwCZYMJ2IecT6vfA-zVJYjRHfhkUCkZEUdJ47BJU6t0/mF-w


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