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Improvement to targeting system


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I'm reviving an old request:

Well since I guess I’m not the only one struggling with the targeting, which is party wide AND personal, I made up this short graphic to show how this issue can be improved.Explanation:Youre in a squad/party. Someone targets a player/NPC. But you want to have another personal target for yourself. Switching the target causes to loose the marking for the whole party.

Solution:Adding a new target icon which can blend over the regular icon when party AND your personal target are the same.In this example: Ctrl + T (regular target, visible for the whole party)Ctrl + R (Personal targe, visible only for yourself)If Ctrl + T and Ctrl + R on same target, the icons will blend together, of course the design has to be simple and easy to identify.

Check out my quick graphic to make it easier to understand. https://imgur.com/KfvdgjK

I guess its a pretty simple thing to implent, but makes stuff a lot more easier and can be used for better coordinations. (Yes I’m aware of the squad markers, but this is quite simpler and easier + in a WvW raid only the commander can use squad markers)This improvement would be extremly viable in WvW (where conflicts due to cross targeting happen alot).

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