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Freezes/Desktop Flickering

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Hello, this became a thing since around 2 weeks. It only happens with GW2. Whenever i play on full-screen 1920x1080 the game randomly flickers to desktop most often in instanced areas like strike missions raids fractals pvp. It's insanely annoying. When i play on windowed full-screen instead of flickering the game straight up freezes for 3-5 seconds . I've noticed in Task Manager my GPU 3D graph drops to 0% while this is happening and then raises up again. It's really annoying and a big part of why I don't play that often anymore. I have the latest gpu drivers and don't have any malware nor unnecessary programs that could cause that. The only things running in background are Avast and Redragon software, but those two have been running long before that started happening so i doubt they cause it.

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