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[NA][Roleplay] The Krytan Expeditionary Force [KEF] needs YOU!


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Good morning, afternoon, or evening everyone. My name is Elivaras, or if you're going to refer to me by the leader of the KEF's name- Physicist Fizz.I run an open world military styled roleplay guild, serving under Queen Jennah of Kryta whose duty is to protect Kryta from threats at home and abroad.We are looking for a new way to boost recruitment, and so we have come here! Here's some information:

  1. We're not hardcore. We don't ONLY rp. A lot of our action is done in the open world, roleplaying as we defend settlements or take part in events.

  2. We have a writing team! We have a dedicated story-arc writing team that comes up with plots and arcs for those more invested in roleplay.

  3. Meeting Times: We generally meet 3-4 times a week. The main meetings are Friday and Saturday at 9:20 PM EST. Friday is Open World RP, Saturday is our big roleplay arc nights. We also have a money-making meeting on Monday led by one of the other members, and Wednesdays happen occasionally, but not as often.

We don't require you to be amazing at spelling, grammar, or have a ton of experience with roleplay. Many of the people who joined originally were beginners to roleplay themselves- if you're interested AT ALL, we'd love to have you!

If you're interested, replay to this post with an account name, or you can whisper/mail me in game at ZachAttack.3957

Cheers guys,


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I joined the guild two years ago and would like to put some more emphasis on the mix between gameplay and roleplay that's offered in the meetings themselves. You'll find some passionate roleplayers in the guild itself that are happy to do more roleplay oriented stuff outside of meetings, but for people that are new to this kinda stuff, this guild is pretty neat to get started in. I found that the familarity of simply playing the game combined with the fresh new perspective of thinking about how my character would react to other players and the events going on in the game was a great experience.

So yeah, if you're curious about getting into roleplaying but never really knew where to start, I was in the same place! And I had a good start in here.I hope we can provide a nice environment for others to get started as well. : )

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