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Firebrand Feedback


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Now that I played a lot with Firebrand, I feel more comfortable to talk and discuss on what not work/is underperforming on the spec.


  • Reduce the cast time of mantras and add some effect when preparing them;
  • Increase the AoE range of mantras to 180 to be more reliable to hit allies;
  • Weighty Terms trait seems weak, but it could be because the mantras are not there yet;
  • Stoic Demeanor trait is really weak and should have changes or a rework;
  • Even with changes to mantras in general, the Mantra of Truth would still be uninteresting to use. Maybe add more conditions?

The main problem I can see in the spec are the mantras cast: it has too much cast time and unlike the Mesmer it does not have an effect after preparing. What really punishes you for using all mantra stacks is the cast time and not the cooldown. I believe that ~1.75 sec of cast time would still be very long, but not insane like now (almost 3 seconds of cast time). Also, like the Mesmer mantras, it should have some effect when preparing them. Maybe even the mesmer ones should have a cast time reduction (I can't say much because I don't play Mesmer as much).

Other great problem of the mantras are the range. It is too dificult to apply the mantras effects on allies, even with the radius bonus from PoF launch. They should have a AoE of 180 radius at least (the same of an untrated symbol). It would still be small but you could hit allies in a more reliable way.

The Weighty Terms trait (reduce the charge cooldown and inflict 1.5 sec of immo on last charge, 10 sec CD) feels very weak. But it can be because the mantras are weak, not the trait itself. So after the mantras become more viable by them own, we should analyze again.

The Stoic Demeanor trait is a REALLY weak trait (apply 3 sec of slow when disabling or applying immo, 5 sec CD). I see not reason to take this take this trait on PvP, WvW or PvE. Compared to other GM traits it doesn't bring any real utility. Maybe add another effect like chill or something else? This trait is really out of place.

Even with the Mantra changes, the Mantra of Truth doesn't appears to be interesting. Maybe add other conditions to its effects? It doesn't bring enough to occupy a utility slot.

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