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The Second Great GW2 Art Competition!


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Bonus Round!

If this is against the rules of the forum I apologise! I shall remove this post and link to a GW2 Reddit post.

I have played a few MMOs in my time, most small and unheard of, and have nothing to show for my time spent in them and so I figure I can be cheeky and use GW2 Gold to get some more great art out of you talented people! Rules are as above, using the second album link below which has screenshots taken from a couple of other MMOs that I have fond memories of.

Click HERE for the Bonus Round Album

The Prizes

1st Place: 950 Gold.2nd Place: 125 Gold & TWO extra Raffle entries.3rd Place: ONE extra Raffle entry.

Note that these raffle entries given as prizes here are valid for all entrants, including those that place 1st-3rd in the main competition. Prizes will be given out providing that there are more than five valid entries.

The competition will end: 2nd October 2017 (although again I reserve the right to extend)

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Okay so I'm sure to annoy the current entrants with this next fact but here goes- we didn't reach the required number of entrants by the deadline. But Fear Not because This Night (see what I did there?!) I've extended the deadline until Sunday 22nd October. Am I being greedy by asking for another month? I'm rushed off my feet with family and work events the next few weekends so my apologies.

A reminder- you are free to submit as many entries as you wish providing they are of the same standard to the original submission (no submitting 80 line drawings in order to win the raffle!) . Also no one at all has entered the bonus round...seems I can't even give my gold away! :lol:

Added Sea.8425 as an entrant, and yes there is a Reddit post. I shall do my best to do some advertising.

Edit: New thread up, delete this if it causes issues me having two similar threads running NOT the new one.

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