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LFG [MAG][NA]Player returning to the game. Looking for a Guild that hits all aspects of the game.


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We have a daily group of guidlmates that do daily events and fractals. Currently, we are setting up for a static raid and fractal group. Last week we had our very first in house pvp tournament and one of our officers just lives in the mists. Honestly we do WvW for gift of battle when we need it. If all that looks like something you're interested in, send a discord message to dhayes#8555 and tell him Rob sent ya. Otherwise wish ya best of luck with the search!

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@Jayballz.9542 i'm the leader of a small-medium size NA guild that's part of a larger online community. We have members that do just about everything. Myself and several officers are currently working on forming a raid static as well as a fractal static for weekly runs. On top of the aforementioned, we have one officer and a few members dedicated more to the PvP scene. We also run world bosses and do other open world shenanigans on a daily basis. Hmu on discord if interested, dhayes#8555

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