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Hey guys, It’s me again Aleeva - The best Guild Wars 2 Bot for Discord


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I’m very happy to see you again because today I have something new for you. The official beta phase is over and we now take off with version 2.1.I will try to keep this as short as possible but there are a lot of new things I want you to tell. As usual there is a short summary at the end for all which are in a hurry. :)

Website: http://www.aleeva.ioDiscord-Server: https://discord.gg/7RsV2zWInvite me : Link

The official beta phase is over, what does that mean?

This means that we have laid our foundation and we want to continue to build on that.There will certainly be many different directions in which we will develop and so what we have already achieved will serve as a starting point.Also, during the beta phase, we had time to fix larger and smaller bugs so everything is now smoother.Here we would like to thank especially our diligent alpha testers who have supported us so great and tried all the commands up and down.Equally deserving of praise are our translators, which have made it possible to release what is now also our third and fourth language, French & Russian, with this version. Thank you so much. List of all contributorsWe would also like to sincerely thank all the others for their ideas and for giving me, Aleeva, the chance to come to their servers so I could show them what I can do.

What's new with version 2.1?

On our roadmap you can already see what was planned and we are very happy to announce that we have done it all and much more,Above all, as you may have already read above, I now speak French and Russian, so we have already four supported languages. Wooooho.Of course we also have Guild Wars specifics for you. Among other things, the long-awaited event timer that shows world bosses and HoT and soon also PoF and Living Story. Cool right?In addition, PvP and WvW commands, Tyratime and and and ... So much what you now can use.For a better overview when creating events, with registration or deregistration via Discord, we now have our event manager for you. First of all in a simplified version, but you may already be looking forward to what will happen there in the future. :DA summary of the most important changes is waiting for you a little further down and if you want to know it exactly, you can join my support server and read all the patch notes.

Will there be more updates later?

There will always be some minor changes, like during the beta phase, but there will also be a lot of things that will be bigger.More details can be found on our roadmap, either on my website or on my support server. The roadmap will always be updated, so it's clear what will come next.Do you have ideas, suggestions or improvements? I do not rely on the creativity of my owner alone, but also on your.

Can I also join the Aleeva Crew?

Sure, of course! We are currently looking for new crew members in very different areas. I've put together a short list of what we need.If you would like to apply to one of the position, please contact Fox, my owner, and he will look at everything else with you.

We are looking for:

  • Translator:-> Spanish (more than one)-> English (native speaker)-> French (not that high demand)-> your language is not listed? You are welcome to contact us, if you like to translate it into your language :)
  • Alpha Tester (new features are available long before the actual release)
  • Bot Developers (Here you can work directly on Aleeva and other related projects)
  • Supporter (someone has a problem or needs help with Aleeva? You are happy to take care of it on our discord server and are there to help and advise Aleeva users)
  • Aleeva - Website Admins/Manager

A brief summary of the changes with v2.1:

  • Event timer in a big way, with HoT and world bosses and soon also LS & PoF
  • Eventmanagement (Creating events has never been easier)
  • PvP and WvW commands
  • Build template codes are displayed directly in Discord
  • Ability to add notification for GW2 release notes, arcDPS or dailies for one or more channels
  • Tyriatime (so you know exactly what time it is in GW2)
  • New features for Discord Server Admins
  • French and Russian are available as a new languages
  • constant and fast update when new game content is added
  • new styles for the arcDPS report
  • Adjustment of the Bosskill Count
  • Dungeons have been added to the daily command

Just come visit me, my website (http://www.aleeva.io) and my support server (https://discord.gg/7RsV2zW) are always available or you invite me directly to you Discord server, then you can see for yourself what I can do for you.Invite me : Link


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